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FAQS - Frequent Questions and Answers

We take great pride in our ability to meet the individual needs of each and every client. We have assembled answers to the most frequently asked questions about deposition conference calls to help ensure your calls run smoothly. If your questions are not covered here, please contact us and we will do our best to answer your inquiry.

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Deposition Conferencing FAQs

Billing FAQs

Account FAQs


Deposition Conferencing Call FAQS 

1. How do I set up Deposition Conferences ?

Whenever you need to make an operator assisted deposition call, you will need to request a reservation to insure our operators call only those participants you request. You can set this reservation up by calling our customer service office or complete and submit the on-line reservation request form.

You will submit a participant billing list to be used for the assignment of toll free numbers and participant codes to insure that each participant is billed correctly and has all the necessary information for allocation back to the proper case and docket. 

2. Are legal depositions by phone and video allowed by courts?

Yes.  Most states now approve and allow telephonic depositions and the Federal Rule below explains in detail how and when you can take deposition by phone or video.  CLICK TO SEE PDF FOR RULE 32(a)

Per Rule 32(a) Notes of Advisory Committee on Rules—1993 Amendment: Subdivision (c) States: “This new subdivision, inserted at the location of a subdivision previously abrogated, is included in view of the increased opportunities for video-recording and audio-recording of depositions under revised Rule 30(b). Under this rule a party may offer deposition testimony in any of the forms authorized under Rule 30(b) but, if offering it in a nonstenographic form, must provide the court with a transcript of the portions so offered. On request of any party in a jury trial, deposition testimony offered other than for impeachment purposes is to be presented in a nonstenographic form if available, unless the court directs otherwise. Note that under Rule 26(a)(3)(B) a party expecting to use nonstenographic deposition testimony as substantive evidence is required to provide other parties with a transcript in advance of trial.”

3. How can Deposition Conferencing Calls help make my practice more effective ?

Some of the many ways depositions can help are as follows:
  A) Quickly obtain witness admissions and impeachment evidence.
  B) Assist in framing witness questions.
  C) Assist in trial preparation and entire discovery process.
  D) Helps with difficult witnesses and their counsel.
  E) Reach distant potential witnesses with ease.
  F) Assists in trial preparation and during trial.

4. Will I get instructions on how to use my services?

Yes. Once your user profile has been set up, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with detailed instructions, including your access number and code. In addition, you will receive your welcome kit in the mail with a comprehensive desk guide and handy wallet-sized card containing your account information and instructions.

5. How may I add new participant attorneys' to the deposition conference so they may be billed individually ?

In order for us to provide appropriate conferencing information and correct billing to each participant attorney, we request that they already be an approved client or to complete the brief on-line participant billing form (Click Here) to add them to our database.

6. Is there a limit to the number of participants who can join my deposition call?

You may add as many participants to each deposition call as you feel necessary.

7. Why should different moderators in one law office have different accounts?

If you set up multiple conferencing accounts, you are able to hold two conference calls simultaneously. When you receive your bill, you will know which particular chairperson did the conference call and can allocate the expense to the correct client account.

8. What features are available with my conference call?

The following are a few of the available features. Talk to us about adding these and other enhanced services to your call.

  • Question and Answer Session

  • Participant List - Detailed breakdown

  • Backdoor Communication Line

  • Coordinator Monitor

  • Transcription if requested

  • Translation/Interpretation

  • Entry/Exit Announcements

  • Pass-code Security

  • Roll Call

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Billing FAQS

1) How are deposition conference calls billed ?

We will send bills for the minutes used and any other requested services to your choice of:

A) All charges go to you as the account holder, or
B) Charges will go to each participant for the usage of each participant.
You may also specify that the charges for court reporters and/or transcription suppliers be prorated among all participants.

2. Can you provide tracking of conferencing usage by individual account billing codes ?

Yes, we will always set up a conference call and associate the call with a billing reference or account code. When you receive your bill, it will group all calls under that one particular account code and give you a total for all calls within that billing account code. We will also give you as many billing account codes as you need for your own internal client billing and accounting needs.

3. What kind of detail is shown on your billing for Deposition Conference Calls ?

The legal industry usually requires individually billed conferencing with detailed billing accounting for items such as:
* Participant Name
* Firm Name
* Client Represented
* Case and/or Docket # (if one)
We provide any kind of detailed information you may request on each conference call. Information will also include moderator’s name, date and time, phone numbers that accessed the call, connect and disconnect times, cost per participant, and total cost along with total minutes used on the call

4. How do you bill? Monthly? Weekly? Per Call ?

We have several billing options to accommodate your needs. We can bill monthly, weekly, daily or on a per call basis. You choose whether you want us to invoice you with Net 30 terms or if you want your calls charged to a credit card.

5. Do you accept credit cards ?

Yes.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

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Account FAQS

1. What are the benefits of opening an account?

When you open an account, you have the power to immediately conduct a Deposition Conferencing Call. You may also conduct automated reservation-less audio conferences or web conferences. We send you a welcome kit that includes everything you need to optimize your conferences. The welcome kit’s comprehensive desk guide gives you virtually everything you need to know about our products to start conferencing right away. The portfolio of products helps trim expenses associated with travel and creates a more productive and efficient legal office by empowering you to work closely together with associates even when you’re in different cities or countries. We also make it easy to incorporate conferencing services into your law offices by providing personalized account service and customized billing.

2. Do I have to sign a term contract to open a  account? Are there any start-up fees or other commitments?

No - we do not require term contracts as we earn your business on every call. Whether you use conferencing services once a day or once a month, pricing is designed to accommodate you. With no start-up fees or commitments, conveniently allows you to pay per conference by credit card or to set up an account to be billed at the end of the month.

3. How do I open a  account?

It only takes about three minutes to open a new account.
Simply go to
our get started page and open up our on-line start form
Please call with any questions.

4. How long does it take to set up an account?

The account set-up process is very quick and easy. In most cases, we can have your information processed and your account activated within sixty to ninety minutes.

5. How do I make changes to my account? How do I add new users to my account?

To make changes to your account or to add new users, simply contact one of our customer service representatives. 
If you want to add new moderators for reservation-less services just go to our Add New PINS page (Click Here)

6. How do I request an operator assisted Deposition Conference Call

You may call our customer service office or take two minutes to fill out the on-line Reservation Request form (Click Here)
We recommend you schedule your reservations at least 24 hours in advance.

7. Are there any set-up fees?

No. Our services are free of set-up charges and monthly fees.

9. Do you offer competitive pricing for  conferencing services?

Yes - We want to become your partner for all of your conferencing services. We feel confident that you will be impressed with our high level of service and the competitive rates that we offer. See our rates (Click Here)

Let us provide a complete proposal by email, or Click here to go to our Get proposal form.

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